Mission and Values

Our mission

The mission of ABCDE is advancing responsive, diverse, and courageous educational practice.

Our core values

ABCDE is committed to ongoing collaboration with education partner groups and individuals.

ABCDE aims to build capacity by working closely together with others, building strong partnerships with Indigenous peoples, identifying and responding to systemic synergies, and sharing resources and talent.
ABCDE is a strong advocate on behalf of education, educators and learners, including in Indigenous communities, schools, and leadership positions.
We are committed to equity and access, to consciousness-raising, and to exerting proactive influence for the betterment of education.

ABCDE and its member organizations will encourage and listen to multiple voices, and to act courageously and strategically to transform and improve educational practice.
ABCDE recognizes differences and distinctiveness in Canada’s and BC’s populations and in our geography.

We value Indigenous and other ways of knowing and are committed to learning more about, and to furthering, others’ understandings of and respect for the differences and distinct character of our diverse populations.