Past ABCDE Award Winners

Teacher Educator, Education Advocate, and other Awards handed out to recipients during the annual Teacher Education Roundtable events. 



Dr. Paige Fisher, Professor in the Faculty of Education, Vancouver Island University

“Paige is an ethical practitioner with a strong moral compass and personal vision.  Her students and colleagues know where she stands and that she can be counted on.  Prior to joining Vancouver Island University, Paige was known for the significant impact she had on her students.  At Vancouver Island University she has had an even greater impact through her student teachers who strive to rise to the example set by Paige.”


Dr. Kris Magnusson, Dean of Education, Simon Fraser University

“Kris has worked consistently, tirelessly and whole-heartedly as an advocate for educators, students, researchers, and community partners involved in the educational enterprise in BC. In particular, his contributions have supported the development of valuable and fundamental knowledge, purposeful partnerships, and meaningful educational experiences for BC learners and their various communities to thrive and grow.”

2018 Awards

2018 Teacher Educator Award winners

Dr. Wendy Carr, Associate Dean, Teacher Education atUBC Vancouver’s Faculty of Education

“For her remarkable leadership in schools, professional associations, university departments, and French language organizations and ddepartments to develop curricula and advocate for French in K-12 and teacher education programs.”

Dr. Kimberly Franklin, former Dean of Education, Trinity Western University

“For her dynamic and compassionate leadership in expanding TWU’s programs of teacher education and for helping ABCDE and the B.C. Teacher Regulation Branch to refine policies and procedures for reviewing teacher education programs in B.C.”

2018 Education Advocate Award

Ms. Terry-Lee Beaudry, Deputy Superintendent, Central Okanagan SD #23, Kelowna

“For her exceptional work with First Nations bands, teachers, students and new education leaders, and her commitment to just, inclusive, and equitable practices for all.”

2017 Awards

Teacher Educator

Mr. James Alexander (Sandy) Hill, Instructor of Education at the University of Fraser Valley

“For his exceptional teaching and devoted work to build programs and establish good relations with school districts and education partner groups”

Education Advocate

Dr. Jo-ann Archibald, Professor in UBC’s Educational Studies Dept. and former Associate Dean of Indigenous Education

“For her outstanding, dedicated, and lifelong service to the development of Indigenous teacher education in BC, Canada, and internationally, and for her mentorship of Indigenous undergraduate and graduate students and instructors.”

2016 Winners (UBC Okanagan)

Teacher Educator

Colleen Lindsay “For her exceptional lifelong contributions to inclusive and special education, and her work towards creating equitable access for all students.”

Education Advocate

Phillip Balcaen “For his long and distinguished career in education, notably in innovation, teacher education, and international work.”

2015 Winners (TRU Kamloops)

Teacher Educator

Kathy Sanford, University of Victoria “For extraordinary service to prepare new teachers, work closely with schools, and contribute to scholarly work in teacher education.”

Education Advocate

Susan Antak, Abbotsford S.D. and UFV “For her decades-long service to schools and school districts and her dedicated mentorship of new and practicing teachers.”

2014 Winners (UNBC Prince George)

Teacher Educator

Adrian Monych, Quesnel “For outstanding work as a mentor of new teacher candidates: challenging, encouraging, advising them to improve their classroom instructional practices.”

Education Advocate

Colin Chasteauneuf, Prince George “For dedicated service to the development of teacher education programs in northern BC; consistent, respectful relations and collaboration with First Nations communities and persons.”

2013 Winners (TWU Langley)

Teacher Educator

Linda Farr Darling, UBC-WKTEP Program, Castlegar “For her innovative practices to re-conceptualize teacher education particularly in the rural areas of BC”

Education Advocate

Karen Nelson, Superintendent, S.D. #78, Fraser-Cascade “For her dedication to students, teachers, staff, parents, and communities to improve the quality of education, with special attention to Special Education and Aboriginal students.”

Special Award for Lifelong Service to Education

Harro Van Brummelen, Former Dean of Education, TWU and ABCDE’s first chair “For his constancy and scholarly work to design and improve Education programs, develop programs, assist in setting standards, collaborate with partners, and advocate for quality education in B.C. and across the globe.”

2012 Winners (UFV Abbotsford)

Teacher Educator

Peter Grimmett, UBC “For outstanding work in the cause of teacher education in BC, Canada, and internationally”

Education Advocate

Edna Terbasket, Okanagan Band, Kelowna “For her passion and drive to improve the lives of Indigenous peoples through education.”

2011 Winners (UVic)

Teacher Educator

Mary-Lynn Epps, Nanaimo “For being an outstanding mentor to beginning and experienced teachers, grounding theoretical work in practical contexts.

Education Advocate

Chief Edward John, The Tl’azt’en Nation, Stuart Lake “for advocating for the best educational opportunities for students of aboriginal ancestry, particularly in technological interconnectivity.”

2010 Winners (UBC Vancouver)

Teacher Educator

James Blower, Kamloops

Education Advocate

Rob Tierney, Former Dean of Education, UBC

2009 Winner (VIU)

Teacher Educator

Tony Clarke, UBC “For outstanding service to teachers, student teachers, school advisors, and researchers in teacher education.”

2008 Winners (SFU)

Teacher Educator

Gaelen Erickson, UBC “For outstanding leadership in teaching and research in teacher education”

Media Communicator

Lee Gunderson, UBC “For excellent contributions to public discussions of education”

2007 Winners (UBCO)

Teacher Educator

Kau’I Keliipio, SFU Faculty of Education and First Nations Coordinator

Media Communicator

Wayne Ross, UBC and Paul Shaker, SFU

“For outstanding contributions to public discussions of education using BC media sources”

2006 Winner

Teacher Educator

Susan Montebello, School Principal, Burnaby “In recognition of outstanding accomplishments, contributions and leadership in advancing excellence in teacher education”

2005 Winner (TWU)

Teacher Educator Dede DeRose, First Nations educator and supporter; BCCT Councillor, School Principal, Kamloops “In recognition of outstanding accomplishments, contributions and leadership in advancing excellence in teacher education, particularly with respect to the preparation of Aboriginal teachers.”