ABCDE Award Winners

ABCDE recognizes exceptional individuals at the annual Teacher Education Roundtable with the Teacher Educator and Education Advocate Awards:

The TEACHER EDUCATOR is awarded to someone at the school or university level who has distinguished themselves in partnering with a teacher education program in B.C. For example, a nominee may have provided exceptional mentoring of pre-service teachers for a number of years and/or may have been actively involved in partnership discussions or leadership on improvements to a post-secondary teacher education program.

The EDUCATION ADVOCATE is awarded to someone who has distinguished themselves as an advocate for Education. A nominee for this award might be one who has written thoughtful analyses of education or teacher education and/or who has consistently provided strong support for BC Education.



Dr. Paige Fisher, Professor in the Faculty of Education, Vancouver Island University

“Paige is an ethical practitioner with a strong moral compass and personal vision.  Her students and colleagues know where she stands and that she can be counted on.  Prior to joining Vancouver Island University, Paige was known for the significant impact she had on her students.  At Vancouver Island University she has had an even greater impact through her student teachers who strive to rise to the example set by Paige.”


Dr. Kris Magnusson, Dean of Education, Simon Fraser University

“Kris has worked consistently, tirelessly and whole-heartedly as an advocate for educators, students, researchers, and community partners involved in the educational enterprise in BC. In particular, his contributions have supported the development of valuable and fundamental knowledge, purposeful partnerships, and meaningful educational experiences for BC learners and their various communities to thrive and grow.”

2018 Awards

2018 Teacher Educator Award winners

Dr. Wendy Carr, Associate Dean, Teacher Education atUBC Vancouver’s Faculty of Education

“For her remarkable leadership in schools, professional associations, university departments, and French language organizations and ddepartments to develop curricula and advocate for French in K-12 and teacher education programs.”

Dr. Kimberly Franklin, former Dean of Education, Trinity Western University

“For her dynamic and compassionate leadership in expanding TWU’s programs of teacher education and for helping ABCDE and the B.C. Teacher Regulation Branch to refine policies and procedures for reviewing teacher education programs in B.C.”

2018 Education Advocate Award

Ms. Terry-Lee Beaudry, Deputy Superintendent, Central Okanagan SD #23, Kelowna

“For her exceptional work with First Nations bands, teachers, students and new education leaders, and her commitment to just, inclusive, and equitable practices for all.”

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